Salsa Shoes

Does anyone know where I can find good salsa shoes in Tucson? I'm looking online but don't know if I should try some on first...which are best, closed or open heel? Thanks :D

Salsa Shoes are great!

Hi, I have bought 2 pairs of salsa shoes for my best friend, she was so happy when I gave her salsa shoes. They are cheap, not much expensive. I bought closed heel salsa Italian Shoes because she don't like open heel salsa shoes and I think open heel can be dangerous. Recommend to all


Do you not already have too many shoes? :P
Love, your husband,

Some options

Hi Carmencita,

The best place in Tucson is possibly Hirsh's:

If you are interested in looking for online options, you can check out:

I believe that open toe shoes are the most popular in the salsa dance scene. You can read more about this at: