June, 2009

Bachata Workshop

Hi All,
I'm putting on a Bachata workshop on June 27.  It will be held at the Afro-Brazilian Cultural center (corner of 7th Ave and 6th street just off stone and university dr.).  Its a two hour workshop from 4pm to 6pm and all levels are welcome.  Cost is $15 (pay at the door).  Please contact me at 461-8653 or chelseaduranpt@live.ca for more info.
See you out there!

Benefit Concert for the Latin American Social Club’s annual Holiday Bicycle Giveaway

Who:  Cast of the movie La Diabla Y Javier: Los Cuatro Vientos, Sonido de Mexico, Ballet Folklorico Destino, Conner Cecil, FEAR
What:  Benefit Concert for the Latin American Social Club’s annual Holiday Bicycle Giveaway.
When:  Friday, June 19, 2009 6:00PM- 12:00 MID

WikiMindMap Salsa Search

For those of you who are interested in the visual representation of any concept related to salsa, WikiMindMap is a great tool.  This tool allows you to map any article entered in the Wikipedia site relative to any search topic.

Here's an example search based on "salsa dance" search query:

A Great Day In Salsa

"THERE'S a popular song by salsa orchestra El Gran Combo about a man who asks that the love and praise he's earned in life be given to him while he is still around to appreciate it.

'If you think I deserve it,' the song goes, 'why not give it to me now? Don't wait 'til I die to go to the sacred space and then say that I was a good man.'

It's a song that celebrates the idea that love and tributes mustn't happen posthumously. What's the point, really, if the subject is not there to experience it?"

La Epoca - The Palladium Era Documentary

Weekend Workshops in Cuban Popular Dances

Jun 20 2009
Jun 21 2009

Where: Saturday and Sunday, June 20 and 21
Where: The ArtFare, 55 N. 6th Ave. (downtown)
Price: $12 or one, $20 for two, each day

RIP: Michael Jackson

It's amazing the influence that Michael Jackson had in the dance world. Salseros often use MJ's moves to spice up their dancing.

Here's a montage of some of his best dance moves: