Bachata Workshop

Hi All,
I'm putting on a Bachata workshop on June 27.  It will be held at the Afro-Brazilian Cultural center (corner of 7th Ave and 6th street just off stone and university dr.).  Its a two hour workshop from 4pm to 6pm and all levels are welcome.  Cost is $15 (pay at the door).  Please contact me at 461-8653 or for more info.
See you out there!


I am currently deployed to the middle east... hope that this was a good workshop... hopefully there's more like this in the future, I'll be home in August and eager to check them out!


The first hour of the class will be going through basic movement, techniques,turns, ect. The second half of the class will go into some more advance movements and techniques.

Bachata Workshop

Hello there... what level is the workshop? I'm planning a trip from CA and I am always interested in learning more.